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Our services cover all aspects of fundraising from development of the fund proposition to final closing. Our approach is tailored to each client's requirements. We are able to provide a fully comprehensive placement service to those managers twho require it, such as emerging managers or managers who need a relaunch or repackaging of their products. We also provide customized services to established brand name firms who, for example, request help with the project management of their fundraising campaigns, or ask us to make selected introductions to add to their existing investor base.

Example projects we have undertaken include:

  • Market test of fund proposition with selected investors
  • Snapshot review of fund proposition from LP perspective
  • Competitor analysis and competitive positioning
  • Identification of, and introduction to, prospective cornerstone investors
  • Review of previous fundraising campaign and implementation of future strategy
  • Investor Relationship Management
  • Repositioning and Marketing relaunch of a fund in difficulty
  • Portfolio analysis and recommendation
  • Repackaging of a fund through the issuance of structured notes

Case Study: Marketing Relaunch


  • Strategy: Multiple Strategy High Yield and Emerging Markets Arbitrage
  • Date of launch: February 1990
  • Yearly returns since inception: 14%
  • AUM before relaunch: 12 mio
  • Highest AUM: 60 mio
  • Lowest AUM: 12 mio


Slow growth of AUM due to a poorly defined marketing strategy and inefficient marketing efforts

Poor client relationship management leads to a lack of confidence and through to disinvestment, despite good returns

Solution: Marketing relaunch and product repackaging

  • The first step of the relaunch process consists of activating the sales process by proposing a comprehensive end-to-end solution to fundraising, a client-centered and innovative marketing strategy.

- Consult and advise on fund structure, terms, strategy and market positioning
- Perform due diligence checks prior to any investor inquiries
- Develop a schedule for an active marketing campaign
- Review all investment communication materials (performance reporting, investor letters,)

This first step of the relaunch process results in an increase of the AUM to $60 mio.

  • The repackaging of the product was the second step to success. To touch a broader client base, 7-year structured guaranteed notes were issued by a AAA global investment bank that guaranteed 100% of the upside performance. The AUM grew to $145 mio, around 50% of the maximum trading capacity.