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Alfinas' interest is to achieve the perfect match between investors' expectations and managers' capabilities. We maintain a continuous dialogue with every investor to keep up to date on their current investment interests.

We pre-qualify managers prior to assigning them to investors and only pursue a dialogue with targeted investors that have expressed an interest for the fund and its strategy.

Pre-qualification of both investors and managers ensures that the marketing process remains productive and efficient, adding value for both parties.

How we do it

We believe that building an optimal portfolio of investment funds is like a puzzle to be solved. The best available fund in the market is not necessarily the piece that is the solution to your investment puzzle.

With "ISIS", our in-house designed interest scoring model, rather than simply proposing the best investment funds in each strategy, we seek to find the right match between the investor`s needs and the products available in the market.

ISIS tool:
Investment Satisfaction and Interest Scoring System

What matches your Tendency?

How does the future Performance probability look like?

Which Constraints are inherent to the product?

How much Downside risk are you willing to buy?


Investor Sourcing

Step 1: Establish the Investor's Profile
We develop a thorough understanding of our investor's profile, including culture and methodology.

Step 2: Plan Strategy
We determine a suitable asset allocation, a reasonable return target and an investment time frame

Step 3: Select funds for optimal
portfolio construction. We establish a preliminary list of targeted managers who could fit the client profile, thus satisfying his future returns expectations

Manager Sourcing

Step 1: Manager Profiling
We develop a thorough understanding of our client's business - its culture, methodology, differentiators, philosophy and, most importantly, its people.

Step 2: Business Anatomy
We work with managers to establish clearly articulated and quantifiable goals. We assess where the fund is now and define the vision for the future. We then produce a roadmap of how to get there.

Step 3: Sales and Marketing Benchmarking
We benchmark the firm`s sales and marketing practices to the competition and to best practices within the industry. We then work out a tactical plan to stretch marketing dollars and to shorten the sales cycle by targeting only the most appropriate investors.


Step 1: Produce "The Right Match"
Investors' and managers' interests are analyzed and matched by use of alfinas' Investment Satisfaction and Interest Scoring System ("ISIS") and other analytical tools such as Style Research and Pertrac

Step 2: Finalize the Investment Process
Identify and qualify key products, arrange face-to-face or investor presentations with the manager, coordinate ongoing communication until the transaction is settled.

Step 3: Review Results -Continuous Monitoring
Our marketing efforts do not end with the conclusion of a sales agreement between managers and investors. We continuously monitor the established relationship, in addition to offering timely feedback on leads, weekly status reports and monthly status conference calls. We track and convey trends in investment behavior. The response to our inquiries and other valuable competitive information that we acquire enables us to set up a satisfaction index, useful for conducting post-marketing and future marketing activities.

The Right Match Process

We follow a research-driven strategy. Fundamental, qualitative and quantitative research is the foundation of our decision process. We conduct due diligence investigations on every aspect of a manager's business, including products and market position, business model, performance potential and correlation studies in order to offer the best investments for our clients.



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