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alfinas' marketing expertise can help you define and implement solutions to your marketing challenges. We follow a simple strategy: allow mangers to focus on achieving superior returns, not marketing. We develop strategies and design programs that address your real needs. Our marketing consultants are adept at addressing the concerns of managers at all stages of development and with a unique vision of success.

Pre-Marketing Activities

Prior to accepting a manager for a marketing assignment, alfina's consultants seek to intimately understand the fund's investment strategy, risk management, and other factors that a sophisticated investor would need to understand and evaluate prior to making an investment. We meet the manager and the investment team, request and call references in order to perform final due diligence on the strategy and the team background. Once the reference checking process is complete a final decision is made on whether to take on the fund as a client, only with aim of developing a lengthy and valuable relationship with the manager.

Our Pre-Marketing Activities include:

  • Perform the manager's and investor's due diligence
  • Work with the manager on strategy and market positioning
  • Gather marketing intelligence and identification of prospective investors
  • Preparation of clearly articulated and effective marketing materials
  • Prepare presentation and marketing material for targeted clients
  • Develop marketing strategy and timetable for presentation to prospective investors
  • Define and establish a marketing plan, pursuant to national regulations, cultural specificity and language differences